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November 14th, 2021 | UPSC Lowcountry Meeting Minutes

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

November 14th 2021 4:00pm

United Parents of South Carolina

United Parents of South Carolina - what we stand for and our updated mission statement.

Meeting Facilitator: Maggie Marlow

Attendees: UPSC members and guests

•Rep. Mark Smith •Jennifer Hankey - Fix Forward •Mary McCullen - Protect Child Health Coalition •Tammy Wright - Heritage Keepers

I. Call to order

II. Pledge of Allegiance

III. Opening Prayer

IV. Moment of Silence for Greg Montieth + Family

V. Announcements:

  • Please be sure to check your e-mails for the newsletters (it is coming from It will have the meeting minutes as well as a google doc form that will be going out early next week about what issues and concerns we have as constituents for Charleston county specific precincts. The newsletter will also have upcoming events, CTA’s and pertinent forms for schools.

  • Religious, Medical and Personal Exemptions are still available for masks: If you didn’t obtain the forms they are available at the front for you. There will also be one attached in the newsletter.

VI. Speakers - How we can support our community members, representatives and candidates who align with our mission statement.

  • Mark Smith

    • Check out the new district lines and let your Rep. know what your thoughts are.


    • 843-442-8371


    • Don’t give up, don't grow weary and don’t fall victim to focusing on the 10-15% of the items that we do not agree on and lose focus on the mission.

    • Define the bills and press for them to be pushed…...we need to make sure we vet them and make sure that they are combined in our favor

  • SC Vaccination Rights Act

  • Vaccination Rights Act

  • 84567

  • 84556 - Schools

  • 84561 - 1st Responders

  • 84516

  • 84552 - Blocking Colleges

  • 84545 - Public + Private Establishment from requiring vaccines

  • SC Parents Bill of Rights

  • Jennifer Hankey + Victor Cossel - Fix Forward

    • We need a list of candidates for the 2022 Election

    • 843-894-3220 - Text {First + Last Name} to that number

      • Allows you to get involved

  • Mary McCullen

    • Protect Child Health Coalition

    • For Mothers and Fathers

    • Started by bringing individuals together who were doing work separatly

    • I have had concerns about sex-ed for about 25 years

    • Academics need to be the foundation of the childrens education.

    • Systematic sexualization of children k-12 is ingrained in our schools and in the media.

    • Rights-Respect-Responsibility 2017

      • 15 Harmful Elements of this program and it hit all 15 of them

      • Normalizing sex + porn (sexting) between children

      • Teaching kids what they can get away with so that they can consent. Children can not consent to sex.

      • Students are trained to teacher other children about sex - older children teaching younger children

      • Autonomy

      • Sexual Right Advocacy Group with-in school

      • It redefines abstinence - defined at equal to protected sex

        • Don’t get pregnant and no fluids

      • Undermines parental rights

        • Teaches children that if they do not agree with sexual preferences that are taught they are discriminating

      • SEL

        • Teachers to believe things that they have been taught

        • Sexual Agency - proper pronoun use (k-12)

        • If you are not using the proper pronouns they are being disrespectful

        • Trusted Websites


      • National Databases - GALE

        • Provides data to ebscope - the kids are only a few clicks away from pronogrpahy

        • There are 20 comprehensive sex-ed programs in SC

      • The children in the state of SC should have access to a quality absence program

      • Cultrual Responsive Teaching

  • Tammy Wright - Heritage Keepers

    • Heritage Keepers

      • Developed as a means of prevention

      • The premise is that we want to come from a place of love from every person. Initially piloted in the NAVY

      • Several third party research studies have shown that the curriculum is effective.

      • Outside of marriage is not practicing absence.

      • Help children understand how their behavior could affect their family

      • Age of consent

      • Laws protecting minors (minors can not consent to sex)

      • Human Trafficking - growing

      • Healthy marraige and the building blocks of a healthy marraige

      • Princples and parents decide what the children are exposed to

      • During the Course of the instruction students come up with rebuttals as to why sex before marriage is not cool

      • How to be a good partner

      • Create their own personal safe plan

      • Our teachers have to live it in order to teach it.

      • Our message applies to everyone. We do not talk about sexuality, just absence.

      • This program is grant funded and no cost to the district 9 full time teachers

      • The children are divided by gender and then instructed by a same gender instructor


      • Health standards are not represented in the law

        • The teachers are not following health standards and not the law, this is a huge problem. Health Teachers are not allowed to find sex ed material on-line.

      • Permission forms and orientation is available to the parents

      • Students are given parent take home sheets

      • Private schools do not have to follow the law - the law only applies to public schools

      • Call - to - Action that included:

        • Law

        • Money

        • Provide Public Comment for HAC on December 5th

        • Stay vigilant and make sure the law is not open to edits

    • Who is teaching sex-education in the schools and who is approving the curriculums

    • Comprehensive Health and Education Act - Law 1988

    • Must stress the importance of abstinence until marriage.

    • Heritage Keepers Ciriculum

    • Notice to parents - You have a right to have your children exempted with in this law. Every parent has the right to teach sex at home.

    • Parents have to make sure the school districts are following the law (see the attached checklist -middle and high school checklist)

    • Find out what your school is teaching and if they are teaching. If they are teaching the 3R’s then the school is breaking the law.

    • Health Advisory Committee (HAC) - they want to review all circulums that were approved over 5 years ago

      • They will sometimes want to change the law.

      • HAC does not like the word “absence”

        • Rep. Moore - Wants to remove any mention of "absence" in a bill introduced 2/16/2021

    • December 2nd 5:30p - Health Advisory Comittee will sometimes go rouge

      • Heritage Keepers is a curriculum with-in CCSD

      • They need public comment

      • CCSD

Middle School - The principles can decide

  • Baptist hill

  • Camp RD

  • JAmes Simmon

  • Moultrie Middle

High School

  • Baptist

  • Burke

  • Stall

  • St. John’s

  • Dorchester 4

  • CCSD School Board Meeting

    • Whether or not they will use OSHA to start mandating vaccines on ALL of thier employee instead of education of our children.

    • Public Comments needed for that and what the role of OSHA actually is for a school

    • CCSD board member to attend NSBA meeting

    • 9A in the board agenda -


      • Meeting Minutes, Videos PDF’s - weblinks

VII. Calls - To - Action

  • Ask teachers for their lesson plans, SC curriculum standard, resources they utilize (including secondary resources), means, method and mode by which they intended to teach the standard.

  • Critical Race Theory - OPT OUT OF SURVEYS! The surveys for SEL are being funded through the government and your children's information is being sold to them. Go to and research this.

  • We also need to be researching the books in our school libraries. This site has a list of your library books. Please go and see what is available for your children to read.

  • School Board - Our voices need to be heard. Continue emailing and asking questions.

    • a) Asking for information, data, science and videos access to what they reviewed while in closed session meetings to determine their decisions.

    • b) Provisos Relative to COVID-19 Instructional Processes Passed by SC Legislature 2021-2022 • 1.108 (SDE: Mask Mandate Prohibition) • 1.103 (SDE: Public School Virtual Program Funding) • 1A.69 (SDE-EIA: Digital Learning Plan)

  • THEY WORK FOR US AS ELECTED OFFICIALS! VIII. Social Media – United Parents of South Carolina FB– Invite only group: must have questions filled out for approval. * We need a media specialist to help with our other forums *

  • Instagram - see QR code below

  • Telegram - see QR code below

  • T-Shirts are for sale at the front - $15 all proceeds go to running United Parents of South Carolina

  • Media - media statement is prepared and admins will take all questions from media when UPSC is asked for a statement • If you speak to the media personally you are not to use the United Parents name or speak on behalf of our group without permission.

  • Our website is almost up and running! We are VERY excited to have a place where everyone can go for information!

X. Adjournment

INSTAGRAM: @unitedparentssouthcarolina

TELEGRAM: United Parents of South

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