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February 27th, 2022 | UPSC Lowcountry Meeting Minutes

United Parents of South Carolina - what we stand for and our updated mission statement

as of October 17th 2021 6:00 p.m.

Meeting Facilitator: Maggie Marlow

Attendees: UPSC members and guests

Guest Speakers:

Lauren Martel- Republican candidate for SC Attorney General

Shari Sebuck - SIC state board representative for the Lowcountry

Lin Bennett and Mark Smith - House of Representative Update.

Jennifer Hankey - Fix Forward

  1. Call to order

  2. Pledge of Allegiance

  3. Opening Prayer - Kasondra Turner

  4. Announcements:

Lin Bennett and Mark Smith - House of Representative Update.

  • We cut taxes in SC by over a billion dollars

  • LinBennett SC House Page (

  • ARP Funds that were received

    • 450M to SC DOD

    • 800M to Rural Infrustracture _ water and sewage

    • Increase from 5% to 7% of reserve fund - change in the state constitution will be required

    • Increase law enforcement pay

    • Raise the salaries of teachers - UPSC helped to facilitate that through communication. We wanted to make sure our teachers are supported.

  • South Caroline is going to exempt the military retirement from state tax

  • Download the SC Legislature App

House Bills that need support:

  • House Bill 4879 - gives parents a voice and choice $5,000 a year to attend a school of their choice.

  • Tuesday March 1st - receiving testimony on CRT

  • You can watch the hearings on-line we will provide you the links

  • H3976

  • S116 - High Students need increased financial guidance/education before they graduate

  • H3464 - Passed

  • 8455- Parental Bill of Rights bill sitting in judiciary

  • 4684- Mandates

Jennifer Hankey - Community Volunteer Organization and Sign up - Fix Forward text info

  • TEXT - Your Full Name to - 843-894-3220

Lauren Martel - Republican Candidate for SC Attorney General

  • Learn more about Lauren Martel and how to support her campaign by checking out her website. Martel to AG:

Shari Sebuck - Student Improvement Council State Board Representative for the Lowcountry. The importance of the SIC and what a good council can do for their schools.

School Improvement Council Resources:

  • Find your SIC members and most recent SIC report: check your school’s website or check the SC SIC website:

  • SC SIC for Parents/Community:

  • SC SIC for SIC Members/Leaders:

  • Both of the above have links to the SIC Handbook: This is Your SIC - A Handbook for Effectiveness:

State Law

  • Schools of Innovation SECTION 59-19-350 Section 59 Chapter 19, search for "Innovation") PDF link of specific section here:

  • SC Law 59-18 “Education Accountability Act” (Section 59 Chapter 18, Article 16) regarding involvement of School Improvement Councils in “turnaround” plans.

  • School Improvement Council formation and review by district Board of Trustees, SECTION 59-20-60 (6- 7(a)) (Section 59, Chapter 20, search for “improvement council”)

VI. Education - School Board

  • Update on Insurance Filing and next steps

Bond/Insurance Claim Update from Charleston County:

2/14/22: LOI served to Board. Gave 48 hours to comply.

2/18/22: Non compliance triggered filing with BOTH the Traveler's Crime Policy AND the SCSBIT GL Policy

2/22/22: Received denial of coverage from Traveler's Crime Policy saying no crime was committed (debatable!).

2/22/22: Received denial letter from the ATTORNEY'S for the SCSBIT (not the carrier, they just sent to their attorney).

We expected this....kind of...who really knew! This was the FIRST claim in SC! Lexington District 1 received the exact same letters after filing as well.

Next Steps: Another parent in Beaufort County has been guiding me in some laws I was not privy to that may help. SC 38-59-20 addresses improper claims practices. Looks like I may need to get the required form from SCSBIT directly NOT their lawyer...essentially the law states they are required to properly investigate each claim, which we know they did to keep this short, I'm researching this avenue now with an attorney...will keep everyone posted.

How you can help: What I have learned is the more people that file and get the same response the better! It gives us a better case against the insurance department with the state!

  • Details on how to file were in the newsletter sent out last week. If you do NOT receive our newsletter please send a DM with your email to Victoria Finneran. She will add you to the list.

VII. School board Candidates: Map:

Before the redistricting lines the board had very general residency requirements….

2 board members had to live east of the cooper

1 board member had to live on the peninsula in DT Chas

3 people had to live in the City of N. Chas

3 people had to live west of the Ashley river.

Below is a break down of the new district lines and our current board members…

Seat 1: There is no one currently sitting on the school board that lives in this district! And, this district is completely east of the cooper. Miguel Figueroa

Seat 2: Both current Mount Pleasant board members live in this district, meaning if they run for re-election, they will have to run against each other. Mike Lyons

Seat 3: Kristen French lives in this district - this district has potential for finding a good candidate. It covers all of the east side of N Chas but also goes into Mt. Pleasant south of Hwy 17 around Patriots Point/Bayview AND cuts through the middle of the downtown peninsula. Jeremiah Dempsey

Seat 4: This seat is now in play as it took some of the old district 3 and put it in district 4. We'll need to find a good candidate for this seat! The current board members living in that district are Courtney Waters and Lauren Herterich. Two of our most progressive board members will have to run against each other if they choose to run for re-election.

Seat 5: There is no one currently sitting on the school board that lives in this district.

Seat 6: Eric Cokley is the only current board member who is in this district - and her community is the outlier of this West Ashley District - this seat is in play!

Seat 7: There is no one currently sitting on the board that lives in this district and this is a Republican district!

Seat 8: Rev. Mack and Dr. Frazier live in this district, so they will have to run against each other. That will divide the current voting base, making room for a true conservative in this district that is transitioning toward red. Kim Dawley

Seat 9: There is no one currently sitting on the board that lives in this district and this is a Republican district!

X. Adjournment

INSTAGRAM: @unitedparentssouthcarolina

TELEGRAM: United Parents of South Carolina

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