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CCSD Health Advisory Committee Seeks To Erase the Only LEGAL SEX-ED Program in the District

The CCSD Health Advisory Committee (HAC) meeting tomorrow night will be virtual rather than in-person. Heritage Keepers is the only thing on the agenda.

To be very clear - we just want to keep the curriculum as an option for all CCSD schools. The CCSD HAC wants to remove it.


If you want to view the meeting, you can watch it on the CCSD YouTube channel—this allows viewing, but you don’t have access to speak or be seen (this is the same way that they make school board meetings public right now). Here is the link to watch the live video:


It appears that they are allowing public comments again for this meeting. They can be submitted here:

Last time, we rallied to get more public comments in favor of our program than the comments that were against abstinence education in general. I fully expect that “the other side” will do a big push to rally their folks to submit comments this time to try to overcome our positive comments.

If you missed our November meeting where Tammy Bryant came and spoke to UPSC. Please check out this blog post . This program may be one of the few things standing between our children and the woke agenda. Please read about the 3 R's program (Rights, Respect, Responsibility) currently being taught in many of our schools already.


If there is anyone within Charleston County that you know that would be willing to submit a comment, please ask them to do so. Parents, grandparents, friends, community people, teachers, etc. It doesn’t need to be a long comment. Something simple like this is fine:

“Heritage Keepers has a long track record in Charleston County and is an asset to the community. I request that this program continue to be one of the options available within the CCSD schools.”

“In order for CCSD to have a comprehensive approach to sex education, there needs to be a component that is strong and effective at teaching abstinence-until-marriage, as the law requires. Heritage Keepers can meet that part of the comprehensive approach. Please allow Heritage Keepers to continue to be an option in the district.”

Obviously, the more personal the better. If there is a teacher that is willing to write about how much she(he) has enjoyed having our program in her classroom and the effect it has had on the students, that would be amazing (our staff are going to work on that). Or, if there are parents who have teens that have had positive experiences in our classes, please ask those parents to send a comment and state that. Last time, there were a lot of “general” comments for or against, and we could tell that talking points were being sent out for people to comment. The comments that stand out are the ones where it is clear that there is firsthand experience with the curriculum. BUT, at this point, ANY comments for our program are needed!


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