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Own Your Truth

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I say this with love because it is who I am and it is my truth…

I am not mean or aggressive. I am honest and assertive. If that makes you uncomfortable that is on you.

I am not intimidating. You are intimidated, there is a difference.

I do not make you uncomfortable. My presence, my words, my opinions, makes you challenge your comfort.

All of that is yours. I will not be less for you to feel comfortable around me.

I will never apologize for the words or actions I take while advocating for my children!

I will never comply to something that jeopardizes my beliefs to simply fit in.

If you are someone judging, excluding me or my family because you feel hurt by the words of a parent just advocating for their children, or don't understand, you need to reflect inward, not out.

It's time to act like adults, have open conversations, be understanding, listen, learn and respect others. No one is asking you to agree…respectfully agree to disagree, that is fine.

But please own your stuff, don't put it on me!

-Maggie Marlow-

United Parents of South Carolina

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