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Lets SAVE Heritage Keepers SEX-ED Program

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Let's HELP to Secure Heritage Keepers Sex-Ed Curriculum on the List of Available Sex-Ed Curriculums for our Children in CCSD Schools

If you attended our meeting in November of 2021 you will certainly remember Tammy Bryant from Heritage Keepers. Although too brief, she gave an excellent talk on the laws and benefits surrounding an abstinence until marriage sex-ed curriculum for our schools and children, including:

  • Principles and parents choice as to what the children are exposed to in the curriculum

  • Helping children to understand how their behavior could affect their family

  • Age of consent

  • Laws protecting minors (minors can not consent to sex)

  • Human Trafficking - which is growing

  • Healthy marriages and the building blocks of a healthy marriage

  • How to be a good partner

  • Creating a personal safe plan

Heritage Keepers curriculum is currently the ONLY Sex-Ed curriculum that actually abides by State Law to teaching abstinence until marriage. You can read the law here:

Heritage keepers is an abstinence-until-marriage curriculum that does not cost the school district, schools, students, or families anything to have Heritage provide the program. They supply the schools with their own instructors.

Scroll down to catch the full meeting minutes and video of her talk if you were not able to attend. I really think you will learn a lot. I know I did!

"I think the meeting will certainly be eye-opening to any parent that comes…they will be able to see who is making decisions about sex education for all of CCSD and what they want taught." -Tammy Bryant, Heritage Keepers Chief Programs Officer

During the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school year, Heritage received requests and provided (or is scheduled to provide) the Heritage Keepers program at the following Charleston County schools: Middle schools: Baptist Hill, Camp Road, James Simons, Jerry Zucker, Military Magnet, Morningside, Moultrie, Northwoods, Septima Clark Academy, Simmons Pinckney High Schools: Baptist Hill, Burke, Military Magnet, Stall, St. John’s, North Charleston

CCSD Health Advisory Committee (HAC) who is appointed to approve our sex education curriculums in CCSD schools is meeting and they do not like what Heritage Keepers has to offer. The current appointed Health Advisory Committee members do not like the traditional values and abstinence until marriage based curriculum of Heritage Keepers.

PLEASE read questions that were posed to Tammy by the Health Advisory Board just yesterday. This will give you an idea of where the committee stands. Again please also read the latest Meeting Minutes and watch her presentation below.

Please join us in supporting this incredible organization and keep their curriculum as an option for CCSD schools and our children!


UPSC Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2021 4:00p-6:00p

•Rep. Mark Smith - Mt. Pleasant District No.99 •Jennifer Hankey - Fix Forward •Mary McCullen - Protect Child Health Coalition •Tammy Bryant - Heritage Keepers


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